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  • I am an advanced dancer, but am younger than 15 years old. Can I be considered for the resident program in New York City?
    NYC housing regulations do not allow the Program to accommodate anyone under the age of 15 years. Additionally, in keeping with age-appropriate training, dancers who are not 15 years of age during the start of the Summer Intensive are not typically considered for JCS SI NY.
  • Can I commute to the NY or the CT program or do I have to live in the residences?
    Both the New York City and Connecticut programs have a Day Student option. Enrollment in Program housing is not a requirement.
  • How are placement levels determined for the accepted dancers?
    Dancers are placed in levels appropriate for their age while taking their current training level into consideration. The audition process and/or past enrollment in a JCS SI program serve only as a limited indicator for dancer's group placement. All dancers are evaluated during the first few days of the program and placement may be adjusted at the exclusive discretion of the program.
  • How many dancers are in a class?
    Traditionally JCS SI groups are subject to the studio sizes, but average around 30 dancers.
  • Is there an option for private instruction during the Summer Intensive?
    Enrolled dancers will be able to sign up for private instruction with the JCS SI Teachers for an additional fee, subject to availability. Detailed information will be made available closer to program start.
  • Are there scholarships available for dancers who have been accepted into the Summer Intensive?
    ASE offers a number of different types of scholarship opportunities. Please visit the FAQ Scholarship Tab above for full details.
  • Will I be able to select roommates in New York and Connecticut?
    Registered dancers will receive a Program Manual closer to summer time and will be able to request roommate preferences. The Program makes its best effort to meet such requests, but cannot make any guarantees. To foster community building, roommates are typically placed by their groups. In a rare case, if a group placement will be required room adjustment may need to be made. In CT some of the rooms are singles and are typically reserved for staff and/or older dancers.
  • Are there medical and other program forms required for enrollment?
    Important program manuals and forms will be provided to JCS SI NY & CT families during March. All programs have a thorough medical review process, which requires a Physician’s Report to be completed by the dancer’s regular physician and then be reviewed by the Program. If you will be requesting an exemption from immunizations, you MUST contact the program in advance.
  • What does JCS SI look for at auditions?
    JCS SI Programs welcome dancers from a variety of training backgrounds and schools. At the audition we look for a dancer to demonstrate their commitment to working hard in class, musicality, age appropriate training/technique, and a positive attitude. A successful JCS SI Program participant is one who is vested in spending 3 weeks in an environment which is non-competitive, culturally diverse, fosters friendships, offers many valuable opportunities/activities, and where ALL are expected to work hard to achieve individual progress in ballet training. All Participants are expected to be mature, focused, able to function independently and responsibly at all times and respect all members of the JCS SI community.
  • How do I register for a 2024 audition?
    Please refer to the Auditions Page for details on in-person, virtual, and video options offered. To register for the proper age group, please be guided by your age as of June 20, 2024. New families must create a profile on the Program's Portal. Returning families should use their existing profile on the Program's Portal.
  • Are video auditions accepted?
    While attending an in-person or virtual audition is highly encouraged, video auditions are accepted when a dancer can’t attend either of these options. You must register for a video audition first and then submit your video in accordance with the Program's instructions. JCS SI accepts video auditions in the form of links (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, etc). For instructions on registering and uploading a video audition, please visit the Auditions Page.
  • Is there a fee to audition?
    The Audition fee for 2024 is $40 for In-Person Advance Registration / Virtual and $50 for Video / In-person On-site Registration. All Fees are non-refundable. Please visit the Auditions Page for more information.
  • What should a dancer expect at a in-person or virtual audition?
    Auditions are organized as a ballet technique class which will include barre and center work. For female dancers who have been training on pointe for 3 months or longer, there will be a section on pointe. Male and Female dancers audition together, but older male dancers will be requested to showcase some separate skills. As the John Cranko School is in session, the auditions are taught by local teachers and not the schools teachers.
  • How should a dancer prepare for an audition?
    1. Please make sure your headshot and first arabesque photo are uploaded to the Program Portal! 2. Please arrive on time and make sure you have stable access to the internet for the Zoom class if virtual. Attire code: Female dancers should wear a black leotard and pink tights. Prepare your pointe shoes if you have been training for a minimum of 3 months. Hair should be in a bun or secured out of the dancer's face. Male dancers should wear dark tights/shoes and a white fitted shirt. Hair should be neat and secured out of the dancer's face.
  • What are the requirements for a video audition?
    Video auditions should be no longer than 10 minutes long and filmed within 3 months of your submission date. Video audition requirements depend on dancer's age specific requirements, learn more here.
  • When will I be notified of my audition results?
    You will be notified within 2 weeks of your audition via the email provided at registration. Please make sure to provide an accurate email and check it regularly. If after two weeks you have still not heard from JCS SI, please email your Program contact. Individual feedback on performance at the audition will not be provided.
  • Is there a limit to how many times I can audition?
    Dancers who desire to re-audition may do so.
  • When will waitlisted dancers be notified of possible acceptance?
    Those who are waitlisted will be notified via email ONLY in the event that their status changes. Program staff will start reviewing waitlisted candidates in mid-March. If a JCS SI program is your dancer's first choice, please feel free to email that information to the Program Director.
  • If I have a birthday before the start of the audition, should I attend the audition for the age I am now, or will be during the audition?
    You should audition with the age group you will be in by the start of the program, July 20, 2024. If you are 9-14 you will be considered for the JCS SI CT (9-15) program. If you are 15, you are eligible to audition and will be considered for JCS SI CT (9-15) and JCS SI NY (15+). If you are 16+ you will be considered for JCS SI NY (15+).
  • Which program should I choose for my 15-year-old Dancer?
    JCS SI offers two Program options for 15 yr old dancers. We welcome you to read more about the differences and similarities in this helpful comparison.
  • What is the status of ASE's 2024 NSLI-Y Program?
    The NSLI-Y is a national scholarship program of the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs. ASE's NSLI-Y Russian Language & Culture is an official NSLI-Y program but designed exclusively for participants of the John Cranko School SI program, with the application process traditionally opening in January. For the summers of 2024, the Program will continue to take place during the summer period in a Hybrid format; combining language learning with impactful and authentic cultural and peer engagement activities.
  • What is the main focus of ASE's NSLI-Y Program?
    NSLI for Youth, a nationally lauded program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is a merit-based scholarship opportunity for eligible American high school students, recognized by leading US colleges and universities! For summer 2024, the John Cranko School SI program in NY & CT will offer a unique opportunity to combine NSLI-Y acclaimed scholarship experience with an in-depth introduction to the Russian language and culture, in addition to ballet training with acclaimed teachers from the Academy. The program will take place in a hybrid format*. The goal of ASE's NSLI-Y Program is to immerse American high school students in Russian language and culture and to inspire a lifelong pursuit of such studies.
  • What are the components of ASE’s NSLI-Y Program?
    ASE's NSLI-Y Program is designed to integrate an authentic and in-depth Russian language and culture study with classical ballet training with teachers from the John Cranko School SI. The typical program period is about 7 weeks, with additional pre-program activities. Building on a successful Summer '23, the program will be offered in a hybrid format with some of the language and cultural activities taking place virtually and some in-person.
  • What costs are covered by ASE's NSLI-Y Program?
    All direct program activities related to ASE's NSLI-Y Russian Language & Culture Way program are provided at no cost. To take part in ASE's NSLI-Y Program, participant must be in enrolled and in good-standing in any of the 2024 NY or CT Program sessions. All/any costs related to BBASI participation, including Tuition, Housing, etc. are the responsibility of the Participant.
  • What costs are NOT covered by ASE's NSLI-Y Program?
    Costs outside of direct NSLI-Y Program activities are the responsibility of Participant, including but not limited to JCS SI tuition/housing/meals/travel/etc.
  • Who funds the NSLI for Youth scholarship opportunity for the selected students?
    Program implementation is subject to available funding of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
  • What is the application and selection process?
    Application process and Program details will be posted by mid/end-January.
  • Can home-schooled students participate?
    Home-schooled students are welcome to apply.
  • What happens if I am not selected?
    If an applicant is not selected to participate, an applicant remains enrolled in JCS SI and are able to take advantage of free Russian language classes and other peer-to-peer opportunities. Pending the availability of ongoing funding from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, those not selected are welcome to apply again to the Program in the future.
  • Will selected participants have any special privileges during the JCS SI NY program?
    No. ASE is committed to treating ALL participants of JCS SI equally in order to make sure that the program is fulfilling, beneficial, and inclusive. However, ASE NSLI-Y Program participants are required to take part in ALL NSLIY Program activities, including HW assignments, tests, etc. For other participants, Russian language classes are optional.
  • What type of scholarship support is offered for John Cranko School SI NY & CT Programs?
    The John Cranko School SI is a selective program which offers its Participants a one of a kind, unparalleled training and cross-cultural opportunity with the teachers of the John Cranko School, known for elite Vaganova Technique Training and unique intersection of the Classical, Cranko Neoclassical, and Contemporary ballet repertoire. Because of our commitment to limited classes and high caliber of program which involves bringing teachers from overseas, only a small number of scholarship opportunities are available as follows: MERIT-BASED FOR EXTRAORDINARY TALENT – ASE recognizes the enormous talent and dedication of many students interested in its Programs. A limited number of merit-based scholarships are offered through the Youth America Grand Prix Competition. For further information and registration please visit ASE may award a limited number of merit-based scholarships to students participating in its live auditions. Such awards are by invitation only. NEED-BASED FOR EXTRAORDINARY TALENT – ASE recognizes that some extraordinarily talented students are prohibited from participating due to financial constraints. In such cases, ASE suggests that ACCEPTED families contact the JCS SI Program IN ADVANCE OF THE ENROLLMENT DEADLINE. Please note that FA support, if offered, is only for partial tuition costs. Please consider that full tuition support is extremely rare and there is no support for housing costs. We encourage families to also consider a Parent Chaperone opportunity which offers a tuition discsount and exploring other sources. Request for financial aid must be accompanied by the following: Two (2) most recent official and filed Federal Tax Returns. Please do not submit W-2 or 1099 forms and black out your SS#. Any submitted narrative should be no longer than one page. Please verify that your 2023 Headshot and First-Arabesque photo are uploaded to your Program Dashboard Please send all to the Coordinating Director for the specific Program you are applying. Contact information is listed on the Program Faculty & Staff page. PLEASE AWAIT PROGRAM’S RESPONSE PRIOR TO REGISTERING. The response will be sent to the email address(es) on file. All scholarships are subject to availability.
  • Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarships for High School Students
    The Anthony Quinn Foundation offers merit based scholarships for Pre-College summer programs in the arts and recognizes JCS programs for consideration of applicants. Candidates should carefully review all information provided on their website Please note that this opportunity is not affiliated with ASE/JCS.
  • International Education Week Scholarship
    The International Education Week (IEW), is a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the exploration and appreciation of diverse cultures in today’s global world. As part of the ASE family, participants experience firsthand the impact of a cultural exchange. In support of IEW's mission, ASE engages all of our Program participants, past and present, to participate and awards Finalists $250 for outstanding presentations. The next opportunity will be announced early December 2024 to all Program alumni in good standing. *While participation in this opportunity is voluntary, ASE reserves the right to consider alumni's IEW scholarship participation if they apply for any future scholarship/support for JCS Programs.
  • The Connecticut Classic
    The Official Connecticut Classic Ballet Scholarship Competition offers merit based scholarships for pre-professional ballet students giving the participants a stepping stone towards national and international competitions. Candidates should carefully review all information provided on their website
  • Who do I contact for further questions?
    Please contact the specific Program Director for the Program that you are interested in. Full contact information is available on the Program page.
  • If I was offered a scholarship in previous years, does that scholarship carry over to the current year?
    No, scholarships are honored only for the year they were awarded, however, we welcome dancers to audition for the Program again, and families can indicate if they are interested in scholarships for the current year.
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