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A.S.E. Global Bridges

Bridges to a Shared Future Through Dance

Recognizing that we share one world and our future is interconnected, A.S.E. Global Bridges' Programs are known for fostering dialogues of mutual understanding, respect, and shared values for ballet students and educators.

A.S.E. Global Bridges is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 with a vision of a shared future built around mutual understanding, respect, and shared values. The foundation of A.S.E.'s programming is using the common bonds of Arts, Sports, and Education to promote an impactful dialogue between the people of the United States and Eurasia Countries.


Additionally, in recognition of its roots, A.S.E. is dedicated to promoting progress and well-being of the Russian-American community in New York City and throughout the United States, while enabling it to preserve its heritage, culture, and language.

Our Mission

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