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John Cranko School Summer Intensive

Connecticut | Ages 9-15

The John Cranko School SI CT provides expert Vaganova Technique training for serious ballet students (ages 9 - 15 years). Uniquely, the classical ballet repertoire is expanded to include John Cranko’s neoclassical and contemporary repertoire. The John Cranko School teachers offer rigorous pre-professional ballet training through class instruction and a final Showcase. Recognized for preparing dancers for leading European ballet companies, the curriculum is designed to achieve maximum individual progress with a focus on clarity of technique, strength, and musicality. Classes are conducted in English.  At the completion of the program, participants receive an assessment from John Cranko School’s Teachers.

The ballet training is supplemented with a full summer experience of on-campus extracurricular activities and off-campus trips. The Program’s overall environment is non-competitive, with an emphasis on teamwork and building a positive, supportive, lasting community of peers.


Dancers from all over the world attend. Residential and day options are available. Participation in non-ballet activities may be limited for day students.

Dancers exhibiting exceptional talent may be recommended for year-round study at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, Germany.

Michele Lisi

Asst. Program Director

John Cranko School SI CT

Phone: 212-687-6118 ext. 206


A showcase at the end of the session gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate the repertoire acquired during the program. While all will be featured, the extent of one’s participation may be based, in part, on merit, in-class participation, and artistic decisions. The schedule of the last week is adjusted to accommodate rehearsals.

July 22 - August 9, 2024
Culminates in a 
Final Showcase

Three Weeks

Loomis Chaffee School


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  • Meal Plans

  • Amenities

Windsor, CT


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The Program takes place on the open campus of the Loomis Chaffee School, in Windsor, CT!

Program Staff, Classes, and more


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  • Safety Rules


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