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The John Cranko School SI CT Program takes place on the open campus of the Loomis Chaffee School, in the quaint town of Windsor, CT. The beautiful 300-acre private school campus includes studios, theater, athletic facilities, indoor swimming pool, dining hall, health center, and encompasses natural fields, woods, and lake areas. All students and staff are housed at the Loomis Chaffee dorms.


The facilities are operated by Loomis' year-round staff and also may host academic youth programs and short term camps during the summer. Please note that an allergen-free environment cannot be ensured at the Program’s facilities.

The Loomis Chaffee School is conveniently accessible from CT / MA / NY Airports and by Amtrak.

For a view of the dorms, click here. (Dorms/rooms may differ)

The dormitories have double and single bedrooms, shared bathrooms, common areas, laundry facilities, and swiped card access. Female dorms are fully air-conditioned. A limited number of non A/C rooms may be available in the male dorm area. The rooms are typically furnished with a dresser and wardrobe for each resident, and a shared desk.

The Program staff resides in the dorms with Participants. Female and male participants may be housed on separate floors within same dorms. Common areas are for all. All activities take place on campus, with the exception of off-site weekend trips.


Dining facilities serve 3 meals daily and 2 snacks on class days.​

Suggested Information for Navigating Windsor, CT:
Loomis Chaffee is conveniently accessible from the following airports/train stations:​​

Housing & Dining


  • Located approximately 104 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights



  • Walking distance from Loomis

  • Amtrak train service to/from many cities


  • 9 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights​​



  • Located approximately 120 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights

All Participants are expected to be mature, focused, and able to behave responsibly at all times. To support the participants' experience, John Cranko School SI CT Program staff include; Program Directors, Senior Staff, Program Assistants, lifeguards, nursing staff, and athletic trainers. Program Directors, Senior Staff, Program Assistants, and some Parent Volunteers reside on campus. The Program is officially licensed by the CT Department of Early Childhood, and is overseen by an off-site licensed medical director.

Participants ages 12-15 are allowed to navigate the campus on their own, in groups of three. All younger participants are required to remain with their assigned group at all times.  For the safety of all participants, JCS SI CT has a no-visitor policy (excepting the official Visiting Day), and participants are not permitted to leave campus for any reason.


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